Sydney is one of Australia’s oldest and largest cities. Built around the infamous harbour, it’s truly a beacon of tourists all around the nation. With so many amenities, local businesses and entertainment centres to explore, there is always something new to discover.  But with every business, there are risks. This is why Jim’s Test and Tag Sydney are here to help. Testing is an essential part of electrical equipment maintenance. Not only does it ensure safety, but it can also identify minor problems before they cause major damage. This helps you prevent expensive repairs and downtime. By regularly testing electrical equipment, you will also increase their life expectancy and reduce the risk of accidents and damage. Our experts are certified, insured and passionate about serving their community. So call us today at 131 546 for all your electrical and fire safety needs.

Why does your business need Test and Tag?

Regular testing of electrical appliances can save your business money. By ensuring the safety of electrical appliances and reducing the likelihood of accidents, this practice can also help you protect your business from damage and prosecution. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for companies that require their equipment to undergo this process. However, you can also take advantage of this insurance benefit by ensuring that your employees know how to operate electrical appliances properly. And, it could even lead to lower insurance premiums.

Our specialists willingly take part in frequent training courses to improve their services. Contact the professionals that can help you improve your workplace and home safety! Call 131 546 to reach your local Jim’s Test and Tag in Sydney, or complete the form below.


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