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At Jim's Test & Tag, we can check and test your electrical and fire safety equipment to make sure that its in safe working order and in line with OHS/WHS requirements. With 150+ franchisees across Australia, we have an expertly trained and fully qualified technician near you.

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Keep Your Business OH&S Compliant

Want to remain OH&S/WH&S compliant and safeguard your workplace? Jim’s Test & Tag specialises in the testing and maintenance of a range of compliance requirements such as Electrical testing, Fire Equipment testing, Safety Switch (RCD) testing, Emergency Exit Light testing and maintenance and First Aid kit maintenance. We can help to reduce the risk of serious injury to your staff and customers and avoid heavy fines from OH&S/WH&S infringements. Contact us today for a free quote and ensure that your workplace meets the Australian Safety Standards.

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Electrical Test and Tag

Our extensively trained and fully qualified professionals can visually inspect your electrical appliances for any damage, as well as perform stringent electrical testing using a Portable Appliance Tester. This ensures your equipment remains in safe working order at all times. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is working well and your staff and customers are safe from electrical dangers.

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Test and Tag – Electrical Tagging Services

All businesses start with good intentions. In the beginning, we all plan to do our best, follow the appropriate rules strictly and keep on top of everything from minor compliance issues to bookkeeping. However, life inevitably gets in the way, and with each passing day that we have left certain areas of our business untended to, risk increases. More serious issues and problems arise when electrical equipment and tools are not subjected to regular test and tag scrutiny, which could not only compromise your business but the lives of those you employ and who visit your premises.

Electrical Test and Tag Professionals for Australia

At Jim’s Test and Tag, we are Australia’s preeminent compliance experts for electrical appliance testing. No matter if you are a large or small business that wants to ensure that their property is safe and up to spec rest assured that our specialists can and will deliver the kind of thorough testing that will afford you the peace of mind that you desire.

We believe that regular servicing and inspection of all electrical equipment on premises is essential. Regardless of whether you have recently acquired brand new tools, or have completed an installation that you believe must, therefore, be fit for purpose and poses no threat, it is essential to take measures to make this supposition a reality. With our technicians, you can feel absolutely confident that the tags attached to your equipment and tools were merited after rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe to use.

Why You Need to Test and Tag

There are so many potential problems that can arise as a result of faulty electrical equipment. Naturally, the more serious of these pose a direct threat to human life and so it is essential for any facility manager to safeguard against any such occurrence to the best of their ability.

While competent tradesmen may seem like a good choice and deliver a service that is satisfactory until you have retained the services of professional technicians whose entire purpose is based on comprehensive testing and compliance, you simply have not followed through in terms of duty of care to those that work or visit that space.

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, our test and tag services are delivered by skilled professionals that undergo regular and continuous training to ensure that they are fully abreast of the latest requirements, and best techniques to test and prevent the possibility of electrical malfunction befalling your business.

Nobody wants to experience a fire in their workplace, but the reality is that this is a distinct possibility where damaged, old and malfunctioning electrical equipment is in use. What’s more, it is often the case that the fault is not visible, but occurring internally, and so the problem is never noticed until it is too late.

Everything from refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, saws, televisions, drills and countless other everyday items must be assessed to protect and prevent against avoidable accidents.

Prevention is Our Priority

When it comes to electrical appliance tagging those that inspect their equipment and notice handwritten tags are encouraged to take measures to have the team at Jim’s Test and Tag complete a thorough inspection. Our tags are not provided until this process has been completed in full.

Prevention is our priority and peace of mind is the reward that you reap from retaining the services of our exceptionally trained, thorough and highly experienced team of professionals. So, don’t wait another day, week or month looking for test and tag companies, get in touch with Jim’s Test and Tag today and secure the services of the best in the business.

What Is Test And Tag?

Test and Tag is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. This is achieved by visually inspecting an appliance for damage, followed by electrically testing the device with a portable appliance tester. After an item is tested and deemed safe for use, it is affixed with a tag to confirm this fact. The results of testing, the name of the tester, the test date and the date the next test is due are all recorded on the tag. The sole reason for testing and tagging an appliance is to guarantee the safety of those in the workplace who come into contact with or make use of it, minimising the risk of an electrical hazard. The safety of electrical appliances is governed by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 which also outlines the regulations for the testing and tagging equipment. Who can test and tag and how frequently the process should be undertaken are all set out in the Australian Standard guidelines.

How Necessary Is It?

Electrical equipment that is used in the construction, demolition and mining industries must be tested and certified every three months. This is due to the hazardous nature of the work and the high likelihood of appliances suffering damage. Tag colours change depending on the time of year. This allows for widespread and effective testing once the previous tags are out of date. Outside of these high-risk industries the process it is not a legislative requirement for other workplaces. With that said, however, employers have a duty of care to make sure that staff and customer safety is safeguarded. If an injury was inflicted by an unsafe appliance that was either not tested properly or not tested at all, then the business owner could be liable. It is an employer’s responsibility to keep all electrical appliances in safe working order.

What Type Of Equipment Must Be Checked?

Any device with a flexible cable, a removable plug and whose voltage exceeds 50V must be accurately assessed and certified as safe to use. This includes extension leads, cord sets and portable residual current devices (RCD). Electrical appliances fall into one of two classes:

  • Class I – earthed appliances like kettles, irons and toasters
  • Class II – double insulated appliances, usually identified by a symbol (a square within a square) or with the words ‘Double Insulated’ such as most electric drills and hair dryers.

New equipment must be accompanied by the correct tag. Any electrical appliances that are acquired second hand must be correctly tested. The danger of using unregulated devices far outweighs the cost of getting them tested not to mention the peace of mind of knowing you and those in your home or workspace are protected against faulty equipment.

Jim Has You Covered

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you likely have a plethora of electrical devices on your premises. To ensure that you and those around you are safe you need Jim’s quality electrical test and tag services. Check out our customer testimonials and see how our work helps save hundreds of lives each year.

Jim’s Test and Tag provides RCD & Fault Loop testing in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast as well as regional across Australia.

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Fire Protection

Our extensively trained and fully qualified technicians can provide testing of many aspects of fire protection equipment. Every technician has undergone comprehensive training and are members of the Fire Protection Authority of Australia, giving you the assurance that your equipment is tested to the highest standard. Detailed service reports provided by our technicians will help you ensure your business stays compliant with Workplace Health and Safety legislation

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Request A Free Quote For Any Of The Wide Range Of Professional Services

Test & Tag Electrical Equipment

Testing and Tagging is the process of inspecting and testing all in service electrical equipment for personal safety. This not only helps to save lives, but also can reduce the risk of lengthy insurance claims in the event of a tragedy.

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Fire Protection Testing

It’s critical to regularly get your smoke alarm and fire extinguishers tested properly. Fire Extinguishers are the easiest and fastest way of protecting you and your business when a fire occurs, and smoke alarms can reduce house fire deaths by up to 60%.

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Emergency exit light

Emergency & Exit Lights Testing

Regular testing and maintenance is the only way to minimise the risk of faulty emergency and exit lights in an emergency. Emergency and exit light testing is a 6-monthly legislative requirement and increases the safety for employees and clients in your workplace.

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Man testing and tagging a microwave


The energy produced by a microwave oven can also penetrate through living tissue which is why exposure is harmful to our health. It’s crucial all microwaves in your workplace are tested regularly to ensure they are in safe working order.

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RCD safety switch

RCD Safety Switch Testing

An RCD (Residual Current Device) detects and halts the power in an electrical socket preventing dangerous electric currents and fatal electric shocks. Every home and workplace should enlist in regular RCD safety switch testing to ensure they are working correctly.

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Earth-Fault Loop Impedance

Fault loop impedance test services test the electrical earth of all power points and electrical installations and discover any faults within your electric circuit. To ensure accuracy and safety, we also test the power point used for our portable appliance tester when providing other test and tag services.

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Reliable Test & Tag Service From A Brand You Can Trust

  • Avoid heavy fines and ensure your business remains OH&S compliant
  • Keep your staff and customers safe
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing the work is completed by qualified professionals
  • Receive detailed reports and timely reminders for when the next testing is due
  • All work is guaranteed so any unlikely problems will be fixed free of charge
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Hear Why People Trust Us For Their Test & Tag Needs

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Excellent advice...
5 star rating

David provided a prompt and efficient service testing our fire extinguishers and gave us excellent advice at the time and later when I needed further information. Can highly recommend and will use this service again.

Jimmy’s Bargain Barn

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Courteous and efficient...
5 star rating

I needed to get some new equipment tested and tagged so we could commence a project on a building site. I was struggling to find anyone to do this and Jim's Test and Tag was suggested. They helped me out of a predicament and were courteous and efficient, I will use them from now on.

Secure Storage Systems

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Extremely happy with the service...
5 star rating

I have used this service for the first time here in Perth, and am extremely happy with the service, very professional and helpful at a good price. Can recommend this service to anyone needing test and tag done.

Override Product F

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Definitely recommend...
5 star rating

Our experience with Tony from Jim's Test and Tag has been awesome, his communication and service was outstanding. We received a quote within minutes of our initial inquiry and knew exactly what the costs would be. Tony arrived when he said he would and was very professional. We can definitely recommend Jim's Test and Tag

MDA Canterbury

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Highly recommend...
5 star rating

I would like to thank you Peter who has great customer service, is very knowledgeable in his field and excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend his services to all.

Sweet Berries VIC

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Work standards were excellent...
5 star rating

Kevin was most helpful and knowledgeable. His work standards were excellent and he provided us a professional service that fulfilled our Company Health and Safety initiative. Would highly recommend. Thanks

All Blocks Ltd

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Very thorough, efficient...
5 star rating

Called Jim's and Wade called back same day. We had not had the property electrical tested for sometime, Wade very thorough, efficient completing job for us coming back next year!


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An absolute joy...
5 star rating

Wally was very flexible and worked in well with our needs. When he was performing the testing, we barely knew he was here and he worked to such a high standard that caused as little interruption to us as possible. Staff have reported that he was an absolute joy and would highly recommend him.

VIC State Emergency Services

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We will definitely use again...
5 star rating

The service provided by Vivek was excellent. He called us back within 10 minutes of us making an enquiry and turned up exactly when he said he would. We will definitely use again, can thoroughly recommend.

Fencemate Limited

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Excellent customer service...
5 star rating

Bruce was a top guy came when he said did what I asked for . Excellent customer service , I will be using Bruce again on a regular basic . Good value for money , and a job well done many thanks .

Mr Builder

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Become A Franchise Owner

Benefits Of Owning a Jim’s Test & Tag Franchise

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  • Full comprehensive training course
  • Flat fee model
  • Full-time business coach
  • Minimum income guarantee
  • No limit to how large you grow your business
  • Choose when you work
  • The trusted Jim’s brand
  • Ability to sell customer bases

Enjoy Freedom And Flexibility By Becoming A Franchise Owner

Tired of working for someone else? Become your own boss with a Jim’s Test & Tag and Fire Safety Franchise. We’ll give you comprehensive training on how to successfully run your own Test & Tag business. You’ll enjoy regular income as well as the flexibility, lifestyle and freedom which comes from owning your own business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question you need answered? Take a look at some of the questions we get asked most by our prospective clients:

What items should be tested in my workplace?

Typically any electrical item that has a power lead that is plugged into a power point needs to be inspected, tested and tagged on a regular basis.

For some types of equipment or electrical items, the frequency of testing is more often where there is a higher safety risk or where there is likely to be greater use and wear. For example, a tradesman or a carpenter has a higher risk factor and needs to have their electrical equipment tested more often than a computer in a standard office.

There are some types of items and equipment like “hard wired” electrical fittings that do not need to be tested and tagged. A qualified Jim’s Test & Tag Franchisee will be able to offer advice and support for this question in more detail on site.

What areas of my workplace do I need to test and tag to remain OHS/WHS compliant?

It is essential to test and tag all portable and non-portable electrical appliances with a flexible and detachable supply lead in your workplace. Portable appliances are located in more areas than you may realise; like the office kitchen or construction areas.

What kind of typical hazards will Jim’s Test & Tag find in my workplace?

Our technicians come across many electrical dangers and hazards. Some of the most frequently electrical safety hazards include faulty wiring, RCD’s and earth systems. There are many different kinds of workplace hazards it is best to get a professional to inspect them.