Electrical Testing

Have Your Appliances Been Vetted By A Qualified Electrical Tester?

At Jim’s Test And Tag, we have been helping businesses and homeowners for over ten years to carefully monitor their electrical appliances and ensure one-hundred percent safety.

We believe that occupational health and safety is the number one priority.

However, we also find that is all too often ignored for the sake of convenience or budget.

We have seen, first hand, the results of lacklustre or outdated electrical safety practices and we know just how much damage (structural, financial and human) they can cause.

The only weapons that anyone has against harmful electrical faults are diligent inspection and advanced planning.

Our team of expert test and tag technicians have the skills, the equipment and the experience to check all of your electrical equipment and safety switches and ensure that they are up to standard.

We provide an outstanding level of service to our customers at an affordable price.

Call us today to organise an electrical tester specialist to visit your workplace.