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At Jim’s Test & Tag, we check your electrical equipment to make sure it’s in safe working order and in line with OH&S requirements. With 150+ franchises across Australia, we have an expertly trained and fully qualified technician near you.

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Test & Tag in Melbourne to be Safe and Sound

When it comes to your workplace safety, you can’t take any chances.

The dangers of electrical faults are too serious to question.

All your electrical equipment needs to be in safe working order. When you’re after a team who can professionally Test & Tag in Melbourne, make sure you’re dealing with the best.

Jim’s Test & Tag have the safety of you and your employees covered. You want to know that anyone who visits your workplace is safe and testing & tagging is a key.

Electricity commands respect and it is the responsibility of those in charge of any building, work site to ensure that they have taken appropriate measures to make sure that the equipment in use, as well as the circuitry, is in mint working condition. Nobody wants to experience electrical shock, or get caught up in a fire, and no business owner wants a death to occur on their watch, which could have been prevented.

As such, electrical test and tag afford Melbourne business and homeowners the means to prevent their electrical equipment faulting and bringing about a situation that could otherwise have been avoided. Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we are the go-to experts that countless people turn to each and every year to check and approve that their electrical devices are in good working condition and pose no threat to those that will come in contact with them.

Electrical Test and Tag Professionals Servicing Melbourne

Over the past 10 years, we have worked tirelessly in terms of delivering an exceptional and thorough service that is backed up by extensive training and continued education. We appreciate and respect the power that courses through so much of the world around us and so we want you to feel that after our team has been and gone, your office or site is in ideal condition for everyone to engage with it without having to fear electrical threats.

Hostile and Non-Hostile Operating Environments

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, our test and tag services help Melbourne residents gain a better sense of electrical safety and we regularly engage with businesses in their safety induction-training programs to ensure that their employees know how best to treat the environment around them. When you are informed, this makes for a much safer environment for everybody because you conduct yourself in a manner that puts the wellbeing of everyone first. What’s more, with regular inspections taking place, safety is assured.

At Jim’s Test and Tag, we are ready to complete inspections on all kinds of properties and workplaces. So, regardless of whether you work in a non-hostile operating environment that is well organised and poses no immediate threat to the integrity of the electrical appliances, or if you work in a hostile operating environment where there is a much higher chance of equipment being compromised, we have the experience to complete comprehensive testing that will help to create much safer future.

Our technicians can complete electrical appliance testing for Melbourne site and facilities managers with regards to electrical equipment, emergency lighting systems, microwaves, RCD/safety switches. We can also complete fire protection testing. We are an incredibly diligent team where inspections, testing and tagging of electrical equipment is concerned because our job is to prevent any harm befalling you.

Three Ways to Treat Electrical Hazards

There are three ways to treat electrical hazards in your workplace, and these are, elimination, substitution and isolation. There are no rewards for those that carry on regardless of the fact that something is wrong with their electrical equipment, but there are plenty of consequences should things escalate and go wrong. As such, it makes absolute sense to hire a team of professionals that can action whichever of these means to an end to the problem is required and put preventative measures in place to stop it from happening again.

So, when you need test and tag services in Melbourne look no further than the team that puts your safety first and will not compromise on the quality of the work carried out. That’s us, here at Jim’s Test and Tag. We look forward to working with and for you.

Jim’s Test and Tag provides RCD & Fault Loop testing in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast as well as regional across Australia.

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Want to be sure and secure with your Testing and Tagging?

When it comes to the best electrical testing and tagging in Melbourne, Jim’s Test & Tag are the experts you can rely on.

Our experienced staff not only test and tag your equipment, but give you the information to maintain the equipment as well.

You want to know you and your employees are safe because you may not get a second chance.

Test & Tag Melbourne with the experts you can rely on

For more than 10 years, Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leader for a number of reasons. We proudly offer each and every client with the most efficient service possible.

Here’s just a sample of our many satisfied clients:

“Shane tested and tagged our workshop and offices recently and found a number of faulty electrical connections that our previous contractors had never identified!! We look forward to using Jim’s Test & Tag for all our sites.”

– Safety, Training & Quality Manager, Boom Logistics Ltd

“A great big thank you to Jim’s Test & Tag for doing a wonderful last minute job for me… Really accommodating and nothing was too much trouble.”

– Owner, Orange Sunshine Photography

“Jim’s personnel are always cheerful, courteous, prompt and do not hesitate to go the extra mile …”

– OH & S Manager Group Projects, Fulton Hogan


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