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RCD Testing or Safety Switch Testing

What is RCD Testing?

RCD Testing makes sure that your residual current device is perfectly working. An RCD (residual current device) is the industry term for a safety switch. An RCD’s main purpose is to prevent severe electrical shocks from occurring.

An RCD acts as a life-saving device; it detects and halts the power in an electrical socket preventing dangerous electric currents and fatal electric shocks.

RCDs are usually located on a switchboard but can be used portably. Every home and workplace should enlist in regular RCD Testing (Safety Switch Testing) to ensure they are working correctly.

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What is the purpose of an RCD and RCD Testing?

Electrocution is one of the most dangerous experiences a person can have in their lifetime. It can lead to serious consequences and even death. Even though it is dangerous, the world has adapted to electricity and developed technology to safely deal with faulty electrical equipment. RCD Testing’s main purpose is to check that your RCD is working fine and operates in a timely manner in case of any tripping. There are different types of RCDs. It’s Important to know which RCD type is best for you.

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