There are so many things Brisbane offers to its residents. Here you have so many family-friendly, outdoors, art and cultural activities to explore each and every day. Many Australians take the trip all the way up to Brisbane to experience our famous native animal sanctuaries, sporting centres, and our beloved Steve Irwin Australian Zoo.

Jim’s Test and Tag Brisbane is a fully family-owned and locally run Australian business. By working under Jim’s name, you get the community service experience from a local who has been given the best training and equipment to use. Our technicians are trained to be their boss as well as the one who provided the service to you. That means you get your job done by the boss rather than a paid employee. Our experts can see first-hand how your business uses their equipment, how your homes work in the environment and have a real heart for serving their neighbourhood. There will always be someone to take the job. So give them a call! Call 131 546 or fill out the form below to get your free consultation with our team.  

Testing and tagging are essential components of your safety program.

Most of your electrical equipment must be tagged. However, some equipment is not required to be tested, such as plug-in adaptors and portable safety switches. In such cases, you can tag them for future reference and safety purposes. But there are some appliances that still need to be tested. If you are planning to purchase new electrical equipment, make sure it is tagged with the relevant safety standards and features. We’re located all throughout Brisbane to provide the testing and tagging services you need to keep your business and homes safe and compliant. 


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