Jim's Test and Tag Training Course

Meet Paul Kelly one of our Test & Tag trainers

Jim’s Test & Tag believe the training of our technicians should be carried out by the best, in order to provide customers with the best experience in customer service.

Our test and tag training course is above industry standard and fully-equips you to run a successful test and tag business.

Electrical Appliance Testing | Test and Tag Course

Skills are transferred from our in-house and RTO trainers, to make our Franchisees the best in the business. The ones that the others aspire to emulate.

Our in-house Test & Tag Trainers have many years of experience and understand Jim’s requirement of providing the highest level of customer service.

Test & Tag Services Sunshine Coast

The first three days of training welcomes you to the Jim’s Group and you will hear Jim speaking of his ethos, view our call centre, see our business systems etc.,

Test and Tag Course

On the following days you will spend time learning about quoting, our systems and the technical side of the work we do, and the secret to what makes us different. We aren’t just ‘button pushers’, we don’t just look for a pass or fail result when we test.

We can uncover equipment that is faulty, and will eventually fail, so we can prevent this from happening. You will learn to present the issue to your customer or an electrician in the workplace confidently.

After your training, when you become a Jim’s Test & Tag Franchisee, you will have a Franchisor who can guide you. Most of our Franchisors work in the field so they have current knowledge of the Test & Tag industry. They hold regular meetings with new Franchisees, run conferences annually and are always only a phone call away.

There is a vast amount of knowledge in the field and our Franchisors and existing Franchisees will always be there to help.

If you’re wondering about how our training system looks, view the below video, then give us a call on 131 546. Hopefully we will see you soon.

Test and Tag Course | Test and Tag Training

Our training facility