Vehicle & Car First Aid Kits

Vehicle First Aid Kit | First Aid Kit Australia

If you use a vehicle for work, it is considered a workplace. According to Safe Work Australia, all workers must be able to access a first aid kit.

This includes taxi drivers, cleaning companies, couriers, bus drivers, boat drivers, tour guides, food truck workers, and more. If your work involves a vehicle, you must treat it as a business and supply adequate first aid equipment.

All businesses are required to provide their staff (and visitors) with first aid kits under the WHS Act from Safe Work Australia. It is recommended that adhesive signage is attached to the external of all vehicles with a first aid kit so that staff can easily access the equipment when needed.

Our first aid kits for vehicles and vessels are manufactured by FastAid.

First Aid Kits for Cars

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we supply and install vehicle first aid kits in commercial transportation. There is a range of options available for vehicles, and all of our kits comply with WHS standards. We have deluxe kits, kits for utes, and marine kits.

Car first aid kits should include a range of contents that can attend to injuries such as:

  • minor cuts and grazes
  • splinters
  • minor burns
  • sprains and strains
  • amputations
  • bleeding wounds
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries

Choosing a first aid kit (and its specific contents) should be informed by your workplace. Conduct a risk assessment and consider which injuries are more likely to occur in your space. For example, we have kits for remote vehicles that contain snake and spider bite treatment as well as whistles and torches.

First Aid Kits for Boats

According to the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (Dictated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority), all vessels must carry at least one portable first aid kit. This needs to be a F scale or G scale kit, depending on the nature of your vessel.

  • for marine vessels operating up to 2 hours from medical assistance, a G scale kit is required
  • for marine vessels operating up to 6 hours from medical assistance, an F scale kit is required

Each kit must contain a variety of medical equipment that will differ based on the kit you require.

According to the NSCV, kits must be cleaned and checked every 3 months.

Our vehicle first aid kits are compliant with the standards dictated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. We can supply and install first aid equipment in a range of vessels across Australia. Get in touch with us now to find out more.