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Charlestown is a bustling suburb of Lake Macquarie New South Wales. Living here has all the lifestyle options and amenities you could possibly wish for. You have Charlestown Square, and access to breathtaking mountains and beaches to explore.

We at Jim’s  Test and Tag Charlestown understand that with our lifestyle always on the move, finding the time to handle your safety procedures at work can be difficult. Performing thorough electrical equipment checks and upgrading your fire safety systems can be a timely and expensive procedure. Although it may seem as though there are no visible faults to be concerned about, making sure your equipment is always safe for users and your fire systems are operatable can make all the difference. Many of our clients don’t realise their power cords or RCD safety switches have been malfunctioning when we go in for a check-up. If left unnoticed, they could have been left with an unfortunate surprise.

We offer our clients quick, effective and one-on-one services so they know their needs are fully taken care of. Learn more about how Jim’s test and tag can help you by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below. 

Do you need to test and tag your home?

In a commercial environment, it’s vital to test and tag all electrical appliances. Not only does this ensure the safety of your staff and customers, but it also helps you keep track of all your electrical appliances. By tagging your appliances, you will be able to show your insurance company that you’ve followed electrical safety guidelines and met legal requirements. In addition, test and tag will help you reduce insurance costs and maintain coverage of your appliances.


8am - 8pm

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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


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