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Since 2003, our Jim’s Test and Tag service have been fixing electrical issues for your places of business. Because they are solely in your neighbourhood, you might be able to get rapid, effective, and thorough testing and tagging services just when you need them. Each of our experts is licenced, certified, and goes through ongoing training to make sure they can handle any issue as effectively as possible. Additionally, we can ensure that you are prepared for a fire. Many consumers don’t realise that their smoke alarms haven’t worked in a few weeks, which might be crucial in an emergency. We provide PAT, RCD, Earth Safety, and fire kit modifications if you need them. Get the help you need by filling out the form below or by calling 131 546 today!

Why are test and tag important?

The importance of testing and tagging electrical appliances cannot be overstated. These procedures are an important part of workplace safety, as they help identify small problems before they lead to bigger issues. This helps to avoid costly repairs, prevent equipment downtime, and improve productivity. In addition to these benefits, test and tag also reduces insurance premiums by demonstrating compliance with legal requirements. These precautionary measures can also save a business a lot of money.


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