West Perth

West Perth is a city to beat. With its strong sense of community, a vibrant commercial district, and citizens of all ages anyone can fit right in. That’s why Jim’s Test and Tag are happy to have grown up with West Perth. Australian workplace health and safety standards place a strong priority on appliance testing and tagging. Testing is required to preserve the integrity of your equipment and lower dangers like electric shock or fire. Your company may relax knowing that a Jim’s Test and tag team is testing and tagging in your neighbourhood. Call us right now at 131 546 or make an online enquiry.

Why should you test and tag?

While most fire events are caused by faulty electrical appliances and devices, some situations are easily avoidable. Companies can minimize their fire risks by conducting periodic testing and tagging of their electrical equipment. This simple process reduces the risk of workplace fires and provides an important indemnity when they occur. By conducting regular tests, businesses can pinpoint the source of the fire and prevent it from happening in the first place. Listed below are some common examples of situations where testing and tagging are important.


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