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Why Choose Jim’s Test & Tag ?

At Jim’s Test & Tag, your safety is our business! We will not compromise the safety of you or your business. We work to reduce your risk and improve your business compliance through effective hazard identification and creation of credible OHS records. We take your worry out of remembering to stay compliant.

Call a Jim’s Test & Tag technician today on 131 546.


Beware of hand written tags. Our system ensures that equipment undertakes thorough testing before a tag is provided. We cannot provide a tag unless tests have been performed.

Test and Tag Training

Jim’s Test & Tag technicians are fully trained to provide the services we offer.  Our training regime is over and above the requirements of the competent person and we will provide a testing program that will assist with your compliance obligations.


We ensure the integrity in our results by testing the power point we plug our tester into.  Most portable appliance testers will utilise the power point as a reference point; we ensure that this reference point is sound prior to any appliance testing

Reminder service

Jim’s Test & Tag understands not only the process of becoming compliant, but the ongoing need to stay compliant. It is for this reason that we offer to take the pressure of tracking retest dates. We will contact you in the weeks leading up to the date required for retesting to arrange a convenient time to revisit your workplace.

New equipment for testing

In all businesses, new equipment consistently arrives on site. There is also the issue of onsite contractors who will have appliances that require testing and tagging. It is for this reason we are prepared to visit your sites at short notice and ensure you remain compliant. In consultation with the relevant personnel within your organisation, we are confident that a suitable programme can be developed to limit your exposure.  This service would attract our minimum fee for each and every site visit.

Safety induction

We understand that each business has its own unique safety procedures in place and therefore welcome the opportunity to participate in your safety induction training.

Public liability insurance

Every Franchisee holds Public Liability insurance to the value of $20,000,000

Workers’ compensation insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance details are as follows:

  1. Insurer:To be provided by Franchisee if required
  2. Employer Number:To be provided by Franchisee if required
  3. Expiry: To be provided by Franchisee if required

Working with Children check

All Jim’s Test & Tag technicians comply with relevant state and territory requirements in regards to working with children.  Our technicians hold a current card and a copy will be made available on request.

Police check

All Jim’s Test & Tag technicians have police checks done before being permitted to purchase a franchise. A copy will be made available on request

Personal protective equipment

Jim’s Test & Tag understands the importance of personal safety in the work place. We will supply our own personal protective equipment including:

  1. Safety eye wear
  2. Safety footwear
  3. High visibility vests
  4. Workspace fencing and witches hats
  5. Fibreglass ladders