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If you’ve ever had an item tested and tagged, you may have noticed the technician attaching a wire colour code to your device. This tag helps the tester (and the customer) keep track of when inspections are carried out, and when they are next due. Test and tag wire colour codes are administered by trained technicians and applied in accordance with Australian standards.

Wire colour codes are simple ways to keep track of which wires in your electrical system are hot and neutral. Knowing this is crucial when it comes to wiring in electricity, so you’ll want to label them correctly. You can buy pre-made wire colour codes or they also come on adhesive labels too if you’re tight on time.

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There are 7 different colours our technicians use to label equipment. These wire colours are red, blue, orange, green, white, yellow, and black. If you are working on a construction, demolition, or mining site, the AS/NZS 3012:2010 has assigned the first four wire colour codes to specific time intervals. If the environment is not a construction, demolition, or mining site, the test & tag technician may choose their own wire colour coding system (as long as the tagging information complies with the AS/NZS 3760:2010).

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You must also know about electrical wire colors code like Blue Brown Green & Neutral

Aside from the test & tag wire colour codes, Jim’s Test & Tag includes a variety of other details on their labels. The label will include our logo, the name of the inspector, the date of the test, the date of the next test, and the standard adhered to.

A report must accompany all test and tag colors work. This report will contain details about each part of the tests carried out as well as all the information contained on the label. Test and tag wire color codes and detailed reports combine to help our team members monitor testing requirements for businesses.

Business owners are busy – we get that. In order to help our clients with their testing requirements, we offer a free reminder service. This way, our technicians take care of every interval.

Are you looking for testing and tagging services? Are you thinking about training as a test and tag technician? No matter what brought you to our blog today, we’d love to hear from you. We have franchising opportunities and safety testing services available across Australia. Jim’s also provides PAT Testing service at a reasonable price.

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