What Does A PAT Tester Do?

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PAT Tester

Portable appliance testing is considered mandatory by the Australian workplace safety standards. So, if you want to avoid any violations then it is important that you get your appliance tested. We offer appliance testing services in which a technician tests the appliances using a portable appliance tester/PAT Tester. The following are some of the elements that are tested during portable appliance testing.

Earth Continuity Resistance

Earth continuity resistance is a parameter that is tested to ensure that the resistance of the earthing conductor of the portable device is not more than 1Ω. For this test, one lead of a portable appliance tester/PAT Tester is plugged into the earth pin of the socket while the second lead is connected to the casing of the portable appliance that you want to test.

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance is another parameter checked by the PAT. Testing is done to ensure that there is no breakdown of insulation in between the live and protective earth parts of the portable appliance.

Lead Polarity

The lead polarity is also among the parameters that are checked by the portable appliance tester/PAT Tester This test is conducted to ensure that the lead polarity of the appliance is not faulty. To perform this test, the appliance is connected to the portable appliance tester and the lights on top of the tester determine whether the lead polarity of the appliance is correct or not.

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