Soak in the magnificence of the Walkertown neighbourhood. With its open spacious paired with the convenience of local stores and range of food options, it’s a sanctuary at the comfort of your own home.

We at Jim’s Test and Tag Walkerston know a thing or two about sanctuaries, more precisely, how to prevent any avoidable accidents that could compromise the serenity of your household. When it comes to your place of business, it’s always important to ensure that your electrical and fire safety gear is up to date and safe to use. We care about the well-being of those in our community, which is why we recommend only high-quality consultations, you’re sure to find what you need under our care. With multiple Jim’s around the neighbourhood, we’ll have your local hero down to your residence in no time. Get to know the safety experts on your street! Call them now at 131 546 and we’ll be with you when you need us!

Why should you Test and Tag?

Testing and tagging electrical appliances is a good idea for a number of reasons. Not only does it ensure the safety of staff, but it also ensures that all electrical equipment is properly maintained, reducing the risk of an accident or an electronic danger. It can also lower the insurance premiums for the business since the procedure is an essential part of ensuring the safety of employees and premises.

The reason for the need to test and tag electrical equipment is to prevent injury and potential fines. If you don’t comply with these regulations, your business could face significant fines. The testing and tagging requirements are different for every environment, and it is important to understand the differences between low and high-risk environments.


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