Varsity Lakes

Living in Queensland’s Varsity Lakes is a terrific choice. With so many parks and boardwalks surrounding the lakes, it’s easy to want to spend the day outside. In Varsity Lakes sunny days are always appreciated.

However, there are sunny days that can result in electrical problems or fires. That’s why it makes sense to speak with a local authority about your test and tag requirements. At Jim’s test and tag Varsity Lakes, you can find those that genuinely care about your business. So, whether you require a fire safety update or PAT, RCD, or earth safety testing, get in touch.

Why Jim’s test and tag Varsity Lakes?

If you’re unsure about the process, it’s crucial to get expert advice. Testing and tagging procedures are important for your safety, and sloppy work can put your employees and customers at risk. Not only can tagging equipment reduce the risk of electrical problems, but it can also lower the overall cost of operating inefficient equipment. Our specialists are trained, certified and passionate about your safety So give them a call today at 131 546!


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