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South Melbourne is amazing. Due to its strong feeling of community, robust economic sector, and inhabitants of all ages, anyone can fit in. For this reason, Jim’s Test and Tag are happy to have grown up in South Melbourne. Australian workplace health and safety rules place a high priority on appliance testing and labelling. Testing is essential to keep your equipment in working order and lower dangers like electric shock or fire. Knowing that a Jim’s Test and Tag crew is testing and tagging in your neighbourhood may be beneficial to your company. Call 131 546 right now, or use the form below for an enquiry.

Why do you need to test and taf?

When electrical equipment is tested, it must be tagged to prove that it is safe for use. The tag will identify who performed the test, when it was last inspected, and when it will need to be tested again. The frequency of testing depends on the workplace environment. Construction environments may require appliances to be tested every three months, while other workplaces require annual testing. If you are considering purchasing a new appliance, make sure it’s safe. If you’re unsure of how testing and tagging applies to you, then get in touch. Call us at 131 546 today!



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