We are the ones that can assist you if you are concerned about the condition of your electrical equipment or your fire safety strategy. Since 2003, Jim’s test and tag Somerton has provided electrical evaluations and fire equipment improvements to our neighbourhood’s local businesses. To provide you peace of mind that your neighbourhood is secure, we intend to consistently provide high-quality services. You have good reason to be worried about your electrical equipment.

Electrical problems can develop without your knowledge and cause harm to people or property, injuries, or even fires. Updating your fire safety system might be a bother as well. We can also assist you in ensuring that your fire extinguisher, exit lights, and smoke alarms are ready to use in case of an emergency. If you need help then don’t hesitate to call one of your local experts. You can reach us at 131 546 or by completing the form

Is test and tag a legal requirement?

The process of test and tag for fire safety is a legal requirement for all fire safety equipment in Victoria. Prescribed intervals must be followed, and some fire safety installations must be tagged on a regular basis. The National Fire and Rescue Service provides legal information on how often these installations must be tested. All fire safety equipment must be properly tagged and maintained in order to comply with the requirements set by Australian fire and rescue services.


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