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At Jim’s Test & Tag, we check your electrical equipment to make sure it’s in safe working order and in line with OH&S requirements. With 150+ franchises across Australia, we have an expertly trained and fully qualified technician near you.

Jim’s Test and Tag is Australia’s trusted provider of electrical assessments. With more than ten years of experience catering to businesses across a variety of different industries, we have finetuned our skills to ensure we help businesses in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Trust Jim’s Electrical Experts in Shepparton

The Test and Tag Shepparton team offer comprehensive services that ensure compliance with national and state regulations, that empower companies to be safer, and that ensure working environments throughout the region are as safe as possible.

We offer full testing services, but most importantly, we provide advice that helps managers and team members stay on top of safety matters. Every workplace should be a safe place to work, and we’re making sure that’s true across Shepparton and beyond. 

Save Lives with Testing and Tagging

Regularly testing and tagging your equipment is not only a requirement for businesses in Australia, but it’s also an important thing to do to keep your staff safe. Most modern work environments include an array of electrical devices, all of which can pose a risk if they develop a fault. Our electrical testing and tagging process ensures that every piece of equipment that is used regularly at your workspace is tested. 

Our process involves a qualified technician, from our Shepparton team, attending your property and inspecting every device. Every piece of equipment is then tagged with the date of which it was inspected, and when it must be inspected again. 

It’s a simple process not just because our team is highly efficient, but because our years of experience allow us to perform the job to the highest standard and let you get on with what you do best.

Our testing and tagging services can help avoid electrical fires and will keep your staff safe throughout the year. We’re happy to offer these services at extremely competitive rates, and we even offer advice and training to ensure you can keep up with your safety responsibilities with ease. 

Regular Testing and Reminders 

Regular testing is essential, whether for electrical equipment, or your fire extinguishers and fire blankets. We can easily arrange a schedule for our team to attend your property when your equipment is due a fresh inspection, saving you time and hassle. Talk to our team about our reminder services, and we’ll be happy to book you in!

We Offer Obligation-Free Quotes

Obligation-free quotes are just a click away! Click the “Free Quote” button on our website, tell us a little about you and your business, and we’ll be in touch with a quote for the services you need. 

It’s as simple as checking the services you need, entering your address, and telling us what time you would like us to call. We aim to offer the most competitive prices around, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the deals we offer.

If you would like to speak to us immediately, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you or provide a quote over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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