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Test and Tag Regulations in NSW

Risk assessment - Electrical test and tag standards

Test and tag regulations are put into place to protect both your staff and customers. Avoidance of this can result in heavy fines and put a lot of people in danger so if you asking yourself ‘is test and tag a legal requirement in NSW’, the answer is yes.

Ensuring that you have the relevant documentation, records and tags for each piece of equipment can be pressurizing. In this instance, using a comprehensive company can be beneficial. Lets discuss what you need to know about test and tag and how to keep on top of it in the workplace.

Which Items Need Regular Inspection and How Often Do They Need Testing?

Certain types of electrical equipment need regular inspection in order to comply with NSW regulations. If your equipment meets both of the below points, it will be need to be tested.

– If your item is supplied with electricity though a socket outlet, i.e. plug in equipment.


– If the equipment is used in an environment that may subject it to damages or a reduced lifespan. These conditions may include moisture, heat, corrosive chemicals and dust.

The requirements as to how often each piece of electrical equipment will need testing varies. This is entirely dependent on the workplace and type of equipment. Some items may need to be tested every 3 months, others could be every 12 months. It is essential to maintain a good record in order to comply with regulations and adhere to the maximum retest intervals.

Who Can Test and Tag?

The requirements state that testing must be carried out by a competent individual. This is someone who has training, qualifications and experience or a combination of them all and has been appointed as competent by their employer.

Qualities of a competent individual include:

  • Having the knowledge and experience to test various types of experience and understand the difference between double insulated and protectively earthed
  • Have extensive understanding of the OS&H and WS&H regulations and guidance materials
  • Know how to use the necessary equipment to test and tag equipment
  • Be confident enough to only test within their boundaries, admitting when a piece of equipment is unfamiliar to them
  • Meeting Australian standards including AS/NZS 3012: 2010 and AS/NZS 3760: 2010

How to Adequately Record the Results

As part of the test and tag regulations in NSW, a record must be kept of each test until a new one has been conducted or the item has been permanently removed from the workplace. Each test may be recorded correctly in the form of a tag on the equipment and must include:

– The name of the competent individual who performed the inspection

– The date of the inspection

– The date of the next inspection

– The outcome of the test

Choose a Company You Can Trust to Manage the Testing of Your Equipment

If you are looking for a comprehensive company to take care of your inspections then look no further than Jim’s Test and Tag in Sydney. Offering a range of benefits including a reminder service and short notice appointments, we take on the pressure so you can focus on your business. Discover how we can help you by calling us today! For more information about regulations in NSW visit

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