Test and Tag North Lakes

Claim Your Free Quote And Discover How To Safeguard Your Staff And Customers From Electrical Dangers And Keep Your Workplace Safety Compliant At All Times

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we check your electrical equipment to make sure it’s in safe working order and in line with OH&S requirements. With 150+ franchises across Australia, we have an expertly trained and fully qualified technician near you.

Have you been searching and searching for a reliable test and tag service in North Lakes? Have you found hundreds of potential companies who might be able to deliver this , but you are still not sure whether you can trust them with such an immensely important job? Is this search taking up more of your time than it should be and causing you unnecessary stress and anxiety? Let us help.

Stop looking for the best test and tag service in the North Lakes, you’ve found them!

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag service, we have developed an impeccable reputation for our highly effective and reliable service. With over ten years of experience of operating and excelling within this industry, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide you with the best person for the job!

What is meant by ‘Test and Tag’?

The term ‘test and tag’ relates to portable appliance testing and is essential for maintaining and securing safety. It’s often thought that test and tag services are only applicable to workplaces but, in actual fact, a test and tag service is important for any and all businesses, as well as within the domestic location of the home.

If portable electrical devices, such as tools, equipment or instruments, are not maintained properly or not used for the appropriate purpose, then this can lead to those devices becoming dangerous. This can make a workplace environment dangerous for staff, customers, clients and visitors – basically anyone who enters into that area.

Without the use of a proper test and tag service, the chances of an electrical hazard causing injury, or even a fatality, are highly increased. We want to help grant you peace of mind by sending one of our highly trained and proficient staff to test and tag all of your electrical devices so that you know that they are safe to use. That way, you are protecting all who come into contact with that device, as well as the property that device is used at.

What makes our service different?

We have been successfully operating throughout Australia for over a decade, and in that time, we have undoubtedly averted thousands of potential injuries or damages. We strive for excellence in all that we do, especially when it comes to safety. We want one of our incredibly well trained team to come and help keep you safe.

We will offer you a free quote before undertaking any job and we will also ensure that none of our tags are handwritten and that they include all of the relevant information – we even offer a reminder service to ensure that you get your devices tested and tagged in the future.

If you want to ensure that your workplace or home are made safer, if you want a trustworthy and reliable service who will work around the clock to meet your needs, if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing an important job like this has been done properly and well, then get in touch with us and find out for yourselves how high quality our service is!

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