North Adelaide

North Adelaide has no shortage of great suburbs to choose from. Just minutes away from the CBD, North Adelaide has so many namesake streets full of different things to try. The streets are lined with heritage living areas, cottages and beautiful greenery. There is no shortage of colleges, catering to the Universities close by. There are a great number of large-scale amenities including St Peters Cathedral, Adelaide Oval and the nationwide beloved Adelaide Zoo.

For over a decade, Jim’s Test and Tag North Adelaide has served our neighbourhood for over a decade. We have local experts who are knowledgeable about how the local companies operate, the tools we have available, and the seasonal variations in the fire rating. When clients learn how precisely Jim’s Test and Tag’s services meet their needs, it always comes as a welcome surprise to them. We owe it to our community to ensure the safety of each and every electrical item you own. Regularly undergoing training, our technicians make sure that the task is completed correctly for you. Call 131 546 right away to set up a free consultation.

Why should you both with test and tag?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “test and tag everything” many times, but what does it mean and why should you bother? Most of us take for granted that the kettle or toaster we’re using will not blow up or break – but that’s not always the case. In fact, we usually don’t take our appliances seriously until there is a problem. But tagging and testing appliances are not only important to keep your customers safe; they’ll also protect your business.


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