With Nollamara, you can enjoy the tranquil rural air without giving up the conveniences of modern living. With the beach, amenities and schools you can build a happy life here. That is why Jim’s test and tag are happy to be here helping the locals. Appliances, fire extinguishers, and standard electrical plugs and wires can all lead to possible risks. Every time you need us, Jim’s Test and Tag staff in your area are dedicated to providing high-calibre services.

Why should you test and tag your equipment?

Electrical appliances must be tested regularly according to standard regulations, or they’re at risk of causing an electrical fire. If a faulty appliance is not tested, it could cause electric shock or a range of other mishaps. If you’re not sure when to test your electrical appliances, read this article to learn more about testing. For safety, you should always tag your appliances according to their age and make. Then, make sure that you update their tag with their latest information.



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