Over the last decade, Jim’s Test and Tag Narangba have worked tirelessly to provide outstanding and thorough service. Backed by extensive training and education. We acknowledge and respect workers who continue to go to work day after day. We want to make sure those workers are given the best chances of getting home safe and sound. After we’re done with the job, we want you to feel that you are providing your workers with ideal working conditions.

As more families set their roots in our town, it’s no wonder our local shops are developing and we see more friends taking a stroll around North Lake. As we look around our suburb, we are committed to ensuring that our locals are safe at work and at home whenever they call on us. So, get in touch today at 131 546.

Why do you need to test and tag?

Regular testing and labelling of electrical appliances will assist lower the chance of mishaps, damage, and liability in the event of a fire. A certified electrician may inspect and tag your appliances to make sure they adhere to all applicable safety regulations. To verify that appliances meet safety standards, many insurance companies demand testing and labelling. You can lower the cost of your home or business insurance by consistently adhering to these standards.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using Test and Tag? Dial 131 546 to reach Jim’s Test and Tag in your neighbourhood. We can give you an accurate appraisal that best meets your demands following a free site inspection.


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