The historically rich suburb of Moorabbin is truly a gem. With its rich green landscapes, the serenity of the beach and the convenience of Jighett and Moorabbin station in close quarters. With the rightfully famous Brighton beach at our doorstep it’s no wonder that many households and businesses have chosen to reside in Moorabbin. Including Jim’s Test and tag Moorabbin. If you have any electrical or fire safety queries or needs, then we are the ones to call. Testing and tagging your equipment is a worthwhile service as it protects yourself and those around you. That’s why we at Jim’s Group only present the best of the best when it comes to safety technicians. So call us at 131 546 to get started. 

Testing and tagging ensure safety

Whether it’s your home microwave or your office printer, testing your electrical appliances are essential. The process entails visual inspection, electrical testing, and the tagging of appliances. Electrical fires can occur in many industries and workplaces, but they’re often caused by faulty electrical equipment. Testing and tagging can help identify faults in electrical equipment and ensure that employees take appropriate precautions when working with these materials. Testing and tagging should be a regular part of any electrical safety maintenance program, and employers should be sure to document the results of testing. 

Each test and tag Moorabbin expert are fully insured, routinely trained and passionate about your needs. Learn more by getting in touch today! call us at 131 546 and we will be with you shortly


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