When it comes to all things electrical and fire safety, we’re the local experts you count on. Jim’s Test and Tag Mitcham is equipped with only industry-tested equipment ready to provide PAT, Earth safety, RCD, and Fire safety equipment testing. Whatever you need, we have a range of services to suit your business or household needs. As a member of the Mitcham community, we’re familiar with the neighbourhood, surrounding business, climate, and recreational areas to understand how to best help our community. Our Mitcham Test and Tag team are fully trained, has a keen eye for potential hazards and is always prepared to get to a job in need. Call us at 131 546 and we’ll be there for you when you need us!

Test and Tag prevent risks related to fires and electric shocks

It is imperative that you always test and tag electrical appliances in your home or workplace to minimize risks associated with fires and electric shocks. Electrical fires can result in massive damage and even put lives at risk. The most common type of electrical fire is caused by extension cords, which are commonly run through unprotected areas. Damaged extension cords can expose exposed wire, which could ignite flammable materials in the vicinity. Faulty outlets may also create a spark and cause a shock or burn.

Testing and Tagging ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations

The best way to ensure that your work area is safe is to have your equipment regularly tested. This can be tracked through the use of a durable tag, which displays the date of the last test and the next scheduled test inspection. You should always follow the standards set by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760, but your workplace may require more frequent testing. For example, building and construction sites require more frequent testing than other industries, as the working environment is harsh.

You should perform tests and tagging every three to five years, depending on the type of workplace you work in. Testing is recommended for electrical equipment in construction sites, outdoor environments, and in damp conditions. For office environments, testing is less frequent but still essential to minimise workplace risks.

We understand that as business owners, keeping on top of your safety obligations can easily slip your mind. With Jim’s Test and Tag Mitcham, we offer free reminders to our repeat customers. This can help you stay on top of your business’s workplace safety obligations.

With a certified, qualified, and insured technician, your test and tag services are guaranteed to be fulfilled. So, for all your electrical or fire equipment inspection needs, call Jim’s Test and Tag Mitcham! Get in touch at 131 546 or click the link below to get a quote!


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