Mermaid Waters

Mermaid Waters is a breathtaking waterfront suburb. With the canals running throughout the city, there is always a spot for your to take in the scenery and atmosphere. Just minutes away from everything that makes the Gold Coast Special, it’s no surprise that Mermaid Waters has become a lot of residents’ forever home.

Including your local Jim’s test and Tag Mermaid Waters. When it comes to dealing with electrical and fire safety issues, we understand the dangers that it could carry. Faulty wires are the leading reason for workplace fires and are known to be easily preventable if the right procedures were set in place. We have the services you need to help detect these faults as well as de-escalate them if the situation arises. if you need fire safety or electrical assessments in the Paddington area then don’t hesitate to call. Call us at 131 546 or fill out the form below to receive your free quote.

Electrical Safety Mermaid Waters

Electrical hazards can be dangerous and often lead to serious injury. Contact with live electrical wires and faulty electrical equipment can cause shocks, burns and even fires. Regular testing and tagging of electrical equipment are essential to minimise the risk of electric shocks. These measures can include insulation, grounding and personal protective equipment. In addition to regular testing and tagging, employers should follow strict risk management procedures to minimise the risk of electrical hazards.


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