Mclaren Vale

In the town of Mclaren Vale, everyone is taken care of. All types of families, thrill seekers, and peace seekers will enjoy visiting there. Mclaren Vale locals never run out of things to do thanks to the region’s broad landscape, which is perfect for both modern living and nature enthusiasts. We can now understand why we blend in so effectively.

We are tremendously privileged to serve as the go-to Jim’s Test and Tag Fire safety experts in Mclaren Vale. At your house or place of business, we may perform PAT, RCD, and Earth Safety testing. Furthermore, we are trained to upgrade any existing fire safety equipment you may have.

If you want to eliminate electrical accidents that are waiting to happen but that you simply cannot see, then seeking out professional assistance is the best action to take. We handle the due diligence in terms of inspection, testing and tagging, and we will keep you fully informed of our results. Call us at 131 546 or fill out the form below to start your safety journey today!

Why you should test and tag.

In addition to keeping your employees and customers safe, testing your appliances will protect your business and your stock. Faulty electrical appliances can cause fires and damage your business. Failure to test and tag can help you avoid a costly lawsuit if something goes wrong. Many insurance companies require testing and tagging on their appliances. Following these guidelines regularly can help you get a lower insurance premium. So, why not give it a try? Learn more about the services you need by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below.


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