Marsden is a terrific suburb of Queensland. Full of schools, parks and local shops, there isn’t a thing missing here. With the new residential areas on the rise, there are great opportunities for more to experience the greatness of Marsden for themselves. Before moving into a new residential property, you should always make sure that the building’s electrical ports have been assessed. Electrical fires can occur due to faulty wiring or damaged electrical equipment.

The last thing you would need n a busy day moving in is for your electrical system to be hazardous. That’s why Jim’s test and Tag Marden are here. Whether it’s for your home to business, making sure your electrical and fire safety needs are answered is crucial. Jim’s group have been pricing high-quality ty services for the past decade. when you call a Jim’s franchise you’re calling your local small business. wh might happen to be your neighbour. So call them today at 131 546 or fill out the form below to get your first free consultation.

Why you should test and tag – Electrical safety Marsden

Electrical testing is a vital part of workplace safety. It helps to minimize the risks of electric shock and fire, and it also ensures that equipment is operating safely. These processes are also required by the Electrical Safety Act. The process of testing and tagging electrical equipment is important to ensure that everything is safe to use. PAT, RCD and Earth safety testing are all methods technicians use to ensure your workplace or home’s electrical equipment is free of faults and safe to use. By detecting faults early on you can extend their life as well as prevent disastrous electrical hazards.


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