Lonsdale Jim’s Test and Tag has proudly served the community under Jim’s name for 10 years and is going strong. With our team of professionally trained and eager franchises, we are here to make sure your business is compliant with the state’s safety standards. As a business yourself, we understand the need to make sure our workers are given a safe work environment so that they can feel secure and more motivated to do their job best. That’s why we offer businesses our expertise and quality service to make sure you know when your next check-up is due, and what our process is, so you are not in the dark. Without competitive prices and a can-do attitude, our team is ready to serve you next. Call us at 131 546 and we’ll be on our way to you!

Why should you Test and Tag?

Whether you own an electric kettle, toaster, or any other electrical appliance, it’s important to test and tag all electrical appliances in your workplace. Even small electrical appliances such as extension cords need to be tagged in case they suddenly break down. Testing your appliances will protect you from unnecessary expenses in the long run as they help identify minor defects before they become major ones, and can prevent equipment downtime and lost productivity. It also increases the longevity of electrical equipment. If you’re unsure about the condition of your electrical appliances, you can hire a professional to perform the testing for you.


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