It’s hard to imagine a postcode with this much potential. The suburb of Indooroopilly contains every you could possibly need. With its cast shops, accessible public transportation, top-notch schools and no lack of modern and natural entertainment centres, it’s perfect for anyone.

This is why we’re here to take your safety seriously. Jim’s test and tag fire safety are the experts that the Indooroopilly local businesses know and trust. Jim’s Test and Tag Indooroopilly are known for offering exceptional service, periodic up-to-date training, and a team of locals dedicated to your safety. The test and tag procedure is critical for the safety of your staff and equipment. So get started today. Call us at 131 546 or fill out the form to learn more about how our services can benefit you.

Why is Test and Tag important?

Testing and tagging appliances are essential for ensuring their safety and that they comply with safety standards. It’s also a compliance issue, and following this rule regularly will make your insurance premium more affordable. Many insurance companies require this practice and you can lower your premium by following it.


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