Glenorchy is a serene suburb in Hobart. There you have the River Derwent in the wast and Mount Wellington to the west. Here is a haven for hikers, nature lovers and those wishing for a peaceful lifestyle.

For the past ten years, Jim’s has assisted Glenorchy locals and companies in keeping themselves safe from electrical risks. At your location, we have qualified personnel that are knowledgeable in every facet of electrical and fire safety. Contacting our local team enables them to personally observe how our goods function in your setting and the potential for fires to start. This information is essential since it will help you understand your situation and calm any concerns you have about electrical and fire dangers. Customers are typically taken aback by our staff’s aptitude for solving electrical issues while assisting them in enhancing their fire safety system. Do you need more information from our team? Please call 131 546 or use the form here to get in touch with us.

Testing and Tagging prevent accidents from happening

The most obvious reason for testing and tagging electrical equipment is to ensure that no accidents happen while it’s in use. Even simple appliances like a kettle can cause electric shock. Similarly, a faulty appliance can drain the energy to the outside, so it’s essential to ensure your workplace is safe from electrical hazards. Testing and tagging electrical equipment is a crucial part of workplace safety measures, so you should definitely consider implementing it into your routine.   



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