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If you are a company owner, you would want to know that you and your livelihood would be safeguarded in the event of an electrical hazard or fire. Jim’s test and tag are here to assist in doing that. Jim’s has received praise from the local community for their electrical and fire safety services over the last ten years. Our local techs are very approachable and thorough and our clients can’t get enough of them. We ensure sure all new franchises at Jim’s have relevant experience, are credentialed, are dedicated workers, and are willing to give back to their community. In order to further improve their test and tag services, they even go out of their way to participate in frequent training sessions.

Given how frequently we test electrical equipment, we are aware of the dangers. Since damaged wiring can be easily hidden and go unnoticed, many managers or employees find it difficult to pinpoint the issue. Jim’s Test and Tag provides all the information, skills, and help resources required to guarantee the security of your environment. To discover more about it right away, dial 131 546 or complete the form here.

Testing fire safety equipment requires special knowledge and skills.

Depending on the type of extinguisher, there may be more than one tag. The tags indicate its status and expiration date. Each state has different requirements for tagging fire safety equipment. Proper inspection is necessary to determine the level of efficiency. This practice ensures the safety of people and equipment in the workplace by identifying minor problems before they become major ones. It also prevents downtime and loss of productivity due to equipment failure.


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546