Living in Edwardstown is an excellent decision. Aside from occasional neighbourhood gatherings, there is public transportation right around the corner, and the area is rather peaceful and low on traffic. Parks are tidy and lush, and neighbours are kind. Best of all, they know that their local Jim’s test and tag Edwardstown always has their back. If you need PAT, RCD or earth safety testing, or need a fire safety review, then look no further. Our technicians are passionate about delivering high-quality service. They put it on themselves to upgrade their skills and build relationships with their community. If you’re ever in need of advice, then get in touch today. Call 131 546 and we’ll be happy to take your call.

Why Jim’s test and tag Edwardstown?

Over the past ten years that we have been in this business, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Because we are adamant that what we do matters, we commit to making sure that our personnel receives training above and above the bare minimum. Safety is of utmost importance to us and many of our clients. We wish to lessen the possibility that any electrical dangers will harm persons or property, whether at work or home.

With us, you know that you are getting quality service and that your workplace or home will be a much safer place to be. Unlike other companies, we advise all of our customers to beware of handwritten tags. Instead, we use a simple system, which ensures that a thorough testing process is adhered to before a tag is printed and attached.


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