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Drouin is a beautiful town in West Gippsland. There are many great sights to see if you come to visit here. From attractive gardens, and walking trails, especially the Two Towns Trail. It connects Warragul and Drouin together, creating a magical experience for all.

Here at Jim’s test and tag Drouin, we are committed to you. Electrical equipment can be found in practically every room these days. As a result of the industry’s ongoing innovation, new systems and products are entering your places of employment. Even if it may initially seem to be a fantastic thing, we regard this as a brand-new situation for which we must be prepared. Electrical problems can occur in any electronic item, regardless of age, causing electrical fires. These fires can destroy property, and even major injuries could occur as a result of the problems getting worse. We’re determined to find a Jim’s test and tag team nearby as a result. Earth Safety Checks, PAT, and RCD are just a few of the services we offer. Call 131 546 to get your free quote underway. 

Why do you need to test and tag appliances?

It’s important to do this if you’re in the industry. Not doing it can expose your business to fines and penalties. Testing and tagging electrical appliances ensure that all people and equipment involved in an electrical accident are safe. These regulations are also designed to protect employees and the public. It’s important to remember that a company must adhere to all standards of electrical safety, and if they don’t, they could end up in trouble.


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546