Dandenong South

Dandenong is an incredible suburb, but Dandenong south’s rich atmosphere makes it stick out in all the good ways. It includes all the essentials and has an abundance of top-quality, fairly cheap housing at its disposal. There’s nothing bad about this town, and Jim’s test and tag think the same way.

That’s why at Jim’s Test and Tag Dandenong South, we’re more than happy to offer our services to those who ask, to make this lovely town just that little bit more. We offer once-in-a-lifetime offers, with incredible quality and efficiency like no other. That’s why you should call 131 546 today to just make your business as safe as it can be.

Does my business need to test and tag? 

If your workplace has an electrical device, then yes you do need to test and tag. Testing and tagging equipment helps you and your workers know when a product was tested and if it is safe to use. Businesses have a duty of care to their workers and customer to provide a safe and secure environment. This includes making sure that equipment is kept up to date, as well as having a clear fire safety plan in place. 

In an office environment, a single power board can supply power to many appliances, including computers, phones, servers, external displays, and phone chargers. In order to ensure the safety of appliances, it is important to test and tag them on a regular basis.  On the other hand, a construction site may require more frequent testing. Equipment may need to be assessed more frequently due to the machinery and work environment. This helps reduce risk in an already stressed-induced environment. 

Wondering how your business fits in all of this? Your local Jim’s test and tag Dandenong South can help clarify things. Get in touch at 131 546 today.


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