Craigburn is an incredibly family-friendly area, with parks and walking paths all across the town, with beautiful and completely natural duck ponds being evenly spread out across the town, it is especially ramped up because of the very lively neighbours, and the cheap and high-quality housing too. This town is truly a staple of Victoria, and as long as it stands, the local Jims test and tag stand with it too.

All the services required to keep your home and place of business safe from electrical risks are provided by Jim’s Test and Tag. We have provided these services for the past ten years and count as the top local provider. Since they are aware of our specialists’ credentials, diligence, and excitement for consistently producing dependable and trustworthy solutions, our clients have confidence in us. 

With Jim’s test and tag, there’s no way you can get as much quality with as little money as any other test and tag service. We even offer completely free consultations to see what the problem is. And make sure you are comfortable with the amount of money your spending. Contact us if you require PAT, Earth Safety Tests, or RCD safety switch inspections. Call 131 546 today for Jim’s test and tag.


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