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The comfy community-driven town of Balaclava is superb, With it local eateries, shops and parklands, there is always something new to try. That’s why being known as the local safety experts in Balaclava is our Jim’s test and Tag honour.

You owe it to yourself, your workers and your customers to provide a safe working environment. This means that you should consider regularly testing and tagging your electrical products. Regular equipment evaluations by a qualified electrical contractor can help your business and yourself save money. As well as prevent serious safety problems in the future. If given the right training and equipment, our team is capable of doing PAT, RCD, and Earth safety tests. If you want to make your home or place of business more fire-safe, look no further. to learn more about our available choices. So give us a ring at 131 546 to get your free first consultation underway.

Test and tag ensures workplace safety.

If you use electrical equipment in your workplace, you should be sure to perform the Test and Tag procedure on it. This process ensures that all electrical appliances work properly and are safe to use. Electrical test and tag involve visually inspecting the devices for any defects or damages. It also measures the appliances for polarity, insulation, and environmental safety. After testing, the devices are tagged with the appropriate safety grade. Test and Tag is a very important process in workplace safety.


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