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In the town of Aspendale, everyone is taken care of. All types of families, thrill seekers, and peace seekers will enjoy visiting there. Aspendale locals never run out of things to do thanks to the region’s seaside landscape, which is perfect for both modern living and nature enthusiasts.

We can understand why we blend in so effectively. We are tremendously privileged to serve as the go-to Jim’s Test and Tag Fire safety experts in Aspendale. At your storefront or place of business, we may perform PAT, RCD, and Earth Safety testing. Furthermore, we are trained to upgrade any existing fire safety equipment you may have. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you, get in touch. Call your local Jim’s Test and Tag Fire safety Aspendale today at 131 546!

Why testing and tagging improve your safety.

Electrical safety is a critical part of workplace safety, and tagging electrical devices is an effective practical way to ensure compliance. As long as you’re not putting yourself or others in danger, this practice can help to reduce the risk of electrical accidents. It is recommended that you hire a qualified specialist to perform the testing. They’ll be able to ensure that the electrical equipment you’re using meets the latest Australian standards.


8am - 8pm

Head Office Location

48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546