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Acacia Ridge

Brisbane’s Acacia is truly a diamond in the rough. With the improvements made to our city, it’s no surprise that our residents new and old are happy to stay for the long haul. Including your local Jim’s Test and Tag Acacia Ridge.

After a decade of providing the best service possible, we continue to meet our community safety needs. It is our goal to help avoid accidents. To stay on the cutting edge of risk assessment and negation, we go through ongoing training and education. So call the locals that can help you. If you need any test and tag assessments including PAT, RCD or earth safety, then give us a call today. Learn more about what we can do for you at 131 546 today!

Is testing and tagging a legal requirement?

The importance of compliance with test and tag procedures is enormous. Failing to comply with the regulations and rules can result in massive fines. Fortunately, the best way to ensure your equipment is safe is to use an accredited specialist. By doing this, you can be sure that your equipment is in tip-top shape and that it will function properly for as long as you need it to. Testing and tagging is a service that helps you protect those around you.

So give it a go today. Learn more about how testing and tagging can help you by calling us at 131 546 or by filling out the form below.


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546