Smoke Detector Maintenance

Smoke alarm

Smoke Detectors are considered a must have for homes and have been made compulsory in every Australian home for quite some time. They ensure that the home is safe from the threat of fires. Smoke detectors that are available today are very effective in detecting fires and alerting the members of the house. However, even the most advanced smoke detectors need proper maintenance to function properly. Smoke detector maintenance offered by Jim’s Fire Safety is an effective means of checking smoke detectors and ensuring that they are not defective.

Jim’s Fire Safety is the best provider of testing and maintenance services of electrical equipment in Australia. We have a proud history of providing excellent services for smoke detector testing and maintenance.

We have a team of highly qualified and trained technicians who can offer you the best possible maintenance service for smoke detectors. Out technicians check each and every aspect of the smoke detector to make sure that it meets all the safety standards requirements.

Why is Smoke Detector Maintenance Necessary?

Most people are not so worried about the maintenance of their smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are always on, this means their electrical mechanisms can become damaged and can cause faults in the smoke detectors. If no regular maintenance is done then these faults may cause the smoke detector to stop functioning altogether, compromising the safety of your home. This is why Australian safety standards demand that domestic smoke detector maintenance is done on a regular basis.

Advantages of Smoke Detector Maintenance

Smoke detector maintenance by Jim’s Fire Safety is very advantageous for homeowners as it can offer the following benefits to them.

  • Safety assurance
  • Cost saving
  • Safety standard compliance

The safety of your home and your family should be your top concern. Call Jim’s Fire Safety now to book a smoke detector maintenance service.

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