Microwave Testing in Perth

Employee performing test and tag services

The retail food industry makes use of microwaves for heating and cooking food items. Microwaves that are leaking radiation pose a threat to the health of the workers. The service of microwave testing in Perth offered by Jim’s Test & Tag can help you in ensuring that your microwave is safe to use.

We at Jim’s Test & Tag are aware of the health hazards that a leaky microwave can pose. This is why we take this task very seriously and thoroughly test the microwaves to make sure that it is functioning according to the specifications and is not leaking radiation.

Employees who get exposed to microwave radiations can develop all kinds of health issues including cancer. So, testing of microwaves is extremely important if you want to ensure the safety of your employees.

What Does Microwave Testing Perth Entails

Microwave testing in Perth is carried out using a highly advanced radiation detector. Our technicians use this detector to measure the radiation levels around the microwave unit and check if they are under the permissible limit outlined in the safety standards. A final test is performed to check for the electric safety of the unit before it is declared safe.

Advantages of Microwave Testing Perth

There are many advantages of Jim’s Test & Tag service of microwave testing in Perth. Some of them are:

  • Workplace safety
  • Energy saving
  • Compliance with Safety standards

If you are involved in the food retail business or use a microwave at your workplace and want to make sure that they are safe call Jim’s Test & Tag and avail our service of microwave testing in Perth today.

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