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How Often Do I Test & Tag?

how often do I need to do test and tag | Test and Tag intervals

How often should electrical equipment be tested and tagged?

Are you looking for electrical testing and tagging frequency? Testing and tagging electrical equipment and portable appliances on a frequent basis is considered mandatory for all companies in Australia no matter which industry they belong to. It is important that company owners effectively manage to get their appliances tested and tagged after every few months to ensure a safe working environment.

You can never do enough when it comes to the safety of those that you are responsible for. However, for those that run facilities, manage offices, or oversee active work sites, regardless of whether they are hostile operating environments or non-hostile operating environments, test and tag requirements ensure that a level of safety is in place that safeguards lives and enables your team to work to the best of their abilities.

Check out what are AS/NZS 3760 Regulations for Test and Tag Services!

Test and Tag Requirements

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we are industry experts and we have served Australia for over a decade, delivering an exceptional level of electrical test and tag services that has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives. Our diligence and unwavering dedication to the thorough inspecting, testing and tagging of electrical equipment has garnered us a reputation as the go-to team for those that require a comprehensive service that they can depend on for credible OHS records.

In terms of the services we provide, these include:

  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Microwave Testing
  • Electrical Risk Assessment
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Data Management
  • RCD Safety Switch Testing
  • Earth-Fault Loop Impedance Testing

The Benefits Associated with Professional Electrical Appliance Testers

Regardless of having to comply with test and tag requirements, there are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional electrical appliance test and tag team to assess your workplace.

First and foremost, safety is key. You want to ensure that all of the equipment and appliances that are in use pose no threat to those that use them, and you never have to experience or witness electrocution.

What’s more, having equipment that is passed and tagged as in proper working condition ensures that you reduce your risk of fire. While this is positive for obvious reasons, the fact that you can prove that a professional electrical team has assessed and tagged your premises can also have a beneficial effect where insurance premiums are concerned. PAT testing is a very important element.

Finally, during key production times, or when orders need to be fulfilled quickly, do you really want to risk an appliance suddenly malfunctioning and letting you down? This could have a detrimental impact on your business name and could mean that you lose an important client to your competitors.

Jim’s Test and Tag provides RCD & Earth Safety checks in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast as well as regions across Australia.

However, every workplace is different and has its own test & tag requirements. This is why the Australian workplace safety standards outline the intervals at which testing and tagging of appliances must be carried out in each industry.

Demolition, construction, and building industry

The building and construction industry works with a lot of electrical equipment and portable appliances that are used daily and often in a very harsh environment. The chances of damaging an appliance or piece of equipment in this industry are very high. That is why it is recommended to Test and Tag the equipment and appliances used in the construction industry every 3 months.

Production, warehouses, and factories

Factories, warehouses, and production facilities also have a wide range of appliances and electrical equipment that are used on a consistent basis. To ensure that these appliances are functioning properly and pose no danger to the lives of the workers, it is essential to have them tested & tagged every 6 months.

Hostile environments

Hostile environments where there is a risk of appliances being exposed to physical abuse, moisture, dust, and corrosion along with / and not limited to other elements. Some industries have an environment where appliances are at risk of being overused and also need to ensure regular testing and tagging of their electrical equipment and portable appliances. The Australian workplace safety standards recommend testing of appliances in such environments at least once a year.

For testing & tagging of any equipment or appliance, be sure to call the professionals at Jim’s Test & Tag today!

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