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Fire Services by Jim’s Fire Safety

Fire Safety - Fire Services Australia

Fires can be catastrophic for any workplace. They often cause a great deal of financial damage and also endanger the lives of workers. For these reasons and more, the Building code of Australia (BCA) has made this compulsory within the Australian workplace safety standards. We want you to meet all the fire safety regulations by offering you the following fire services.

Fire Extinguisher Testing

Fire extinguisher testing is one service offered as part of the fire services provided by Jim’s Fire Safety This service deals with the testing of the fire extinguishers to ensure that they are functioning properly. The BCA demand that fire extinguishers are tested on a regular basis to make sure that when you need them to work during an emergency they do!

Smoke Alarm Testing

Testing of smoke alarms is a fire service by Jim’s Fire Safety that inspects the functioning of the smoke alarms installed at a workplace. This service makes sure that the smoke alarms are fully functional and are capable of seeing or smelling the smoke.

Fire Hose Reel Testing

Fire hose reel testing is also part of the fire services provided by Jim’s Fire Safety. It is an important fire service as it ensures that the fire hose reels have no faults present in them and are not jammed in any way.

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