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Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

fire safety services caloundra At Jim’s Test & Tag, we have a team of fire trained specialists who can service your property. Ask our fire safety services Caloundra team members to visit your place of business and inspect your fire protection equipment. We can maintain your fire extinguishers, blankets, hose reels, emergency lights, and exit lights.

We train all of our technicians and make sure they carry out their tests according to the current safety standards. In Australia, we work according to the AS 1851:2012 standard for the routine service of fire protection systems and equipment. Safety testing must be completed in all commercial and industrial environments by a trained individual.

After our fire safety services, Caloundra team members will provide you with a report after each test is completed. When you have any safety tests completed at your property, you should always receive a log-book with the results. This is an essential part of proving your compliance with national legislation. It will also contain helpful information about each component of our tests as well as the date for your next round of testing.

The Jim’s Test & Tag free reminder service will help you keep track of all of your testing requirements. We’ll send you a notification when the date of your next test is approaching so that you are maintaining your equipment in accordance with the standard requirements.

Fire Blanket Testing Caloundra

Fire blankets are essential in all kitchens or around any cooking equipment. They are designed to combat fires that are fuelled by cooking oils and fats as well as clothing fires. You can extinguish a fire by wrapping a blanket around a person or laying it over an open flame.

Ask our technicians to visit your establishment and inspect your fire blanket/s. We will check the accessibility of your device as well as the packaging and condition of the blanket.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Caloundra

Fire extinguishers are designed and manufactured to provide protection against a variety of different fires. Because each fire extinguisher has a unique function, it is integral that safety testing be completed by a trained individual. Our fire safety services Caloundra technicians are trained to a certificate 2 level and are FPAS accredited (FPAA scheme).

Let us conduct pressure testing, refills, accessibility assessment, visual checks, and damage inspections on all of your portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers need to be tested at least once every 6 months. Give us a call if you have any questions about our inspection service.

Fire Hose Reel Testing Caloundra

If your business is located in a building, there must be a fire hose reel available for use in an emergency. There’s no point having a hose if it doesn’t work – that’s where we come in. Our fire safety services Caloundra team members will check that your fire hose reel work so that your staff have effective protection during an emergency.

Fire hoses are great for controlling the early stages of small building fires. These fires might be running on paper, rubber, or wood – as long as the fuel is not an electrical conductor, a fire hose reel is safe to use.

Emergency Light Testing Caloundra

Emergency and exit light testing are essential for maintaining safety in your building. By providing a well-lit exit path during an emergency, you can reduce the chances of your employees being harmed by fire. A clear exit route reduces panic and provides much-needed clarity during an emergency.

Ask one of our team members to visit your property and inspect your lighting systems. We will perform discharge tests, necessary cleaning, and light bulb replacement.

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