Fire Hose Reel Testing with Jim’s Test & Tag

Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

Testing of all kinds of fire safety equipment is very important for ensuring workplace safety and fire hose reel testing is no different. A fire hose reel plays a crucial role in controlling fires but is useless if it can’t function.

Testing of the fire hose reel can ensure that it does not have any kind of debris or foreign material present in it that is stopping the flow of water. These tests can also pinpoint any other faults that might be present in the fire hose reel.

Fire Hose Reel Testing at Jim’s Test & Tag

At Jim’s Test & Tag, the fire hose reel testing is done in a very professional manner that is in line with the guidelines of the Australian workplace safety standards. The technicians of the company first inspect the hose reel from the outside and look for any debris that might be present at the head of the hose reel. Any specks of dirt found in there are quickly removed so that water can easily flow through it without any blockages. After this, they move to the reel and check for any leaks that might be present in there.

After the completion of the physical inspection, the next phase of the fire hose reel testing is initiated. In this phase, the technicians of Jim’s Test & Tag test the hose reel by pumping water through it. The flow of the water coming out of the hose reel is measured and if it lies in the acceptable range specified in the workplace safety standards, the hose reel is declared to be safe to use and a tag is place on it.

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