Fire Emergency Lights

Emergency and exit light sydney


Fire emergency lights are an important component of workplace fire safety. They come on when there is a fire in the workplace and provide the workers the chance to head for the closest fire exit. Like all other fire safety equipment these lights require regular maintenance.

Jim’s Fire Safety offers services for testing and maintaining fire emergency lights which means they will always function when you need them to. Jim’s Fire Safety is a well-known provider of quality testing and maintenance services for electrical and fire safety equipment. Our services for testing fire emergency lighting can help you in ensuring the safety of your workplace and your workers in emergency situations.

We have a high experienced and well-trained team of experts that are capable of installing, testing and doing periodic maintenance of fire emergency lighting. Our technicians check the emergency lights thoroughly for any fault before declaring them fit for use.

Why are Fire Emergency Lights so Necessary

The Australian workplace safety standards demand that each workplace has properly functioning fire emergency lighting. If you do not have such lighting installed in your workplace then you are going to face penalties. Stay complaint with the safety regulations in Australia, by utilising fire emergency lights service offered by Jim’s Fire Safety.

Advantages of Fire Emergency Lights

Jim’s Fire Safety fire emergency lights testing can offer you the peace of mind that your workers will have light available to them during fire emergencies and will be able to evacuate the premises without difficulty.

It will also offer you benefits like:

  • Safety assurance
  • Workplace safety
  • Safety standards compliance

Contact Jim’s Fire Safety and ask about our fire emergency lights service now and get compliant with Australian workplace safety standards.

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