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Emergency and Exit Lights Sydney

Emergency and exit light sydney

Emergency and Exit LightAre you facing issues with the emergency lighting fittings in your workplace? Are you finding it hard to understand the Australian workplace safety standards? If so then you are in definite need of emergency lighting testing in Sydney offered by Jim’s Test & Tag.

Jim’s Test & Tag is the best provider of electrical equipment testing in Australia. We provide quality emergency lighting testing services which are dispensed by experienced technicians. We check each and every emergency light to make sure they have no faults and are working as they are supposed to.

Failure to comply with the Australian workplace safety standards can create problems for you. Our technicians are well aware of the legal requirements that need to be fulfilled and can help you in determining what you have to do in order to meet them.

Why is Emergency Lighting Testing Sydney Necessary?

Business owners have to ensure the safety of their employees. Faulty emergency lights can endanger the worker’s safety especially if there is an emergency and they have to evacuate the premises. Emergency lighting testing in Sydney is therefore considered mandatory to ensure that the emergency lights are working in perfect order.

Advantages of Emergency Lighting Testing Sydney

Emergency lighting testing in Sydney has a number of advantages to offer to you. It can ensure that your emergency lights meet all the legal requirements and that all the faulty lights and signs are replaced with new ones which are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Other advantages that our service can offer you include:

  • Safety assurance
  • Peace of mind
  • Long term cost savings

If you are concerned about the safety of your workers during emergency situations then call Jim’s Test & Tag services and avail our services of emergency lighting testing in Sydney today.

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