Eltham is a city that takes pride in its weatherboard streets, natural green-lands, and diverse culture, all wrapped up in modern convenience. That’s why we are always proud to serve our beloved community. We at  Jim’s Test and Tag Eltham are ensuring that your favourite local establishments and shops comply with all Australian safety regulations, guaranteeing a risk-free and secure day out. Jim’s Test and Tag Eltham are the people to contact if you have problems with your electrical equipment or want to maximise your fire safety precautions. Whether it’s at your home or place of business give us a call at 131 546 right away!

Why are workplace test and tag important

In the workplace, testing ensures that electrical appliances function safely. Tagging also informs employees that their equipment is safe. In fact, testing your electrical equipment can lower your insurance premiums with some insurance companies. It also ensures that you comply with regulations governing the use of electrical equipment. Routine testing and tagging help minimize maintenance costs, as testing can detect any malfunctions that may otherwise go undetected. Tagging electrical devices also ensure the safety of people working around these devices.

Our skilled experts gladly participate in regular training sessions to be informed and up to date on how to enhance their services. Testing and tagging your house or business has many benefits, so get in touch with the experts that can assist you! To reach your Eltham Jim’s test and Tag now, dial 131 546 or fill out the form below.



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