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WorkSafe Compliance

Risk assessment - Electrical test and tag standards

Testing of electrical appliances in your business is an important part of workplace safety and a great way to ensure the safety of everyone who handles electrical equipment and those around them. In Australia, there are laws that require certain pieces of equipment to be tested. So be sure to check into those laws and make sure you are testing your equipment regularly.

What Is Testing & Tagging?

Appliance Testing is a method used to check the safety of electrical appliances and the environment they are used or stored in and tag them to show that they have been tested and when they need to be tested again. Someone will come and inspect your electrical appliances, do electrical testing on them and then put a dated tag on each tested item. They will also provide you with a record to prove that you have complied with electrical testing and risk management laws.

What Needs Testing?

Appliances that generally need testing and tagging include any appliance that uses electricity. However, there are certain appliances that require more regular testing and are definitely more important to test in order to keep you and your workers safe. Often it is the portable electrical equipment such as power drills and tools that need the most attention and care because they are taken into many different environments and stored in different places. These types of appliances tend to take the biggest beatings and are used quite frequently so they pose a much bigger risk of electrical safety issues.

Evaluate your workplace and find all of the electrical equipment; then take special note of the appliances that are used daily and get the most use and start with those. Whatever has the biggest potential for getting damaged is probably your best bet for what should be regularly tested.

Another thing to take into consideration is where these appliances end up being used or stored the most. The environment can take a big toll on electrical appliances and end up damaging them and compromising the safety of the user.

How Do They Test Appliances?

The testing equipment used by technicians is specifically certified to test the electric currents and that everything is working correctly. The test equipment is designed to find faults or possibly dangerous issues in electrical equipment. Be sure to check and make sure your testing company uses certified equipment to test. Although part of the inspection includes a visual assessment of possible physical damage and environmental dangers, electrical testing is often the most important since it is the hardest to notice unless you have the right equipment.

Test & Tagging Appliance Tips

New items do not need to be tested until they are first brought into service (first used), but it is a good idea to mark when they were purchased and set the future date when they should be tested. You can consult with your technician on how long it should be until you test.

It is good practice to turn off appliances before they are inspected but it isn’t always necessary so before doing so, check with your technician.

The frequency of testing should be based on the item, how often it is used, where it is used, and how old it is. Your technician should have an idea of how often things need testing but be sure to get something tested if you notice a chord fraying or any other possible electrical issues.

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